Justin Finch-Fletchly! 6th Year, Proud Hufflepuff. Dumbledore's Army. R.I.P. Cedric, you live on with us. Anthony Goldstein and Terry Boot are the best! Glad to be at Hogwarts, not Eton like mi mum wanted. Muggle Studies is my 'forte'. Muggle-born. Any questions? Feel free to inquire! POTTERWATCH.▲

(Personal Tumblr- http://boomboommuffins.tumblr.com/)


  1. neville-minus-trevor said: JUSTIN YOU NEVER LEAVE THINGS IN MY ASK ANNYMORE. :[
  2. askhannah-longbottom said: Justin?! I’m so sorry I haven’t been around.. I’m at the hospital with my daddy! D:
  3. padmaa said: I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN YOU, JUSTIN. <3
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